Sony Confirms Another Fifth Installment for God of War

Sony confirms another fifth installment for God of War, though the fourth installment has not been released yet. Sony also confirmed that Norse mythology setting will be the main theme of the game for the fifth installment.

In an interview with Finder, Sony senior online community strategist, Aaron Kaufman confirmed that

“It’s not that we’ve forgotten our Greek past, but we want people to feel like this is a new experience. It’s a new beginning. You don’t have to have played a previous God of War game to start in this game and move forward on it. Even if you’re a hardcore God of War fan, we take for granted that you can theorize about what happened between God of War III and this game. There’s a lot of stories to be told there, but we don’t need to tell them to you right now.

Sony Confirms God of War

He revealed that Kratos will continue to compete and fight with the Norse gods in the fifth installment. God of War will introduce a new chapter which includes Kratos, son Atreus and there have also been speculations and rumors that Sony could do the unimaginable by destroying Kratos who has been the main lead for the game for a while now. But we should expect the unexpectable in God of War 4, even though there have been rumors about the Norse mythology coming to an end and there will be the introduction of Egyptian and Mayan mythology.

Sony confirms

The fourth franchise of the game will also involve battles with Thor and Odin, but the fifth installment promises more surprises because most fans of the game are used to the Norse adventure, and Sony wants to take a bold new adventure by creating little fur which would make the game longer and interesting as it always been during the PlayStation 2 era. God of War 4 will be released on April 20, 2018, and is likely to be one of the hottest 2018 video games.

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