Salman Khan Released on Bail, after Two Nights in Jail.

 Salman Khan released on bail by Judge Ravindra Kumar Joshi after spending two nights in jail. The actor who was declared guilty for allegedly killing two blackbucks near Jodhpur, Rajasthan twenty years ago, while working on the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain in 1998.

Salman Khan released

The actor is expected to pay Rs 50000 as bond and Rs 25000 as sureties. The actor’s lawyer Mahesh Bora filed for his bail application after the actor’s counsel have proposed to move a Link court if the order does not happen that day. The co-stars of the movie Hum Saath Saath Hain were released by Judge Dev Kumar Khatri in the same case. The Judge convicted Salman Khan has the main offender in the case, while he was not totally convinced about the co-stars’ involvement in the case.

Salman Khan released

The post-mortem result of the two blackbucks which was seen by the judge for the second time, which stated that there were holes in the bones of the blackbuck carcasses, which can only be caused by a gunshot fired. Though the gunshot speculation was shrugged off during the first-post-mortem result by the defense counsel. The defense counsel claims that the gunshot hole could be made from a burnt coal, but they failed to come up with a relevant lead, so the court decided that it was a gunshot fire that led to the death of the blackbucks.

The actor habitual troubles are not new to the public after he was sentenced to a five years jail term in 2015 when he killed a man in an accident and injured others, but he was later bailed.

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