Game of Thrones: Speculations on How Winterfell can Withstand the Night King’s Attack

Game of Thrones Season finale promises to be one of the best series finale of all time. Though it was revealed in the ending of season 7 that the next attack would be Winterfell after the Night King and his army of the dead destroyed the eastern section of the wall by using the ice dragon, Viserion. There have been speculations and rumors about how Winterfell could withstand the army of the dead, even though the fear of the Night King’s magic has made Daenerys and her allies to be more frightened and preparing imminently for the attack on Winterfell.

But with Daenerys bringing her Dothraki armies and two remaining dragons to defend the castle which has never been undefended for 8,000 years and Jaimie Lannister pledging his alliance of his family soldiers to the Great war despite disloyalty to the course by her sister, Winterfell cannot fall without a fight. Let’s consider some views on how Winterfell can win the war.


The wildfire used by Tyrion in the season 2 of the movie to defend King’s landing can be a major weapon to defeat the White Walkers in the season finale. Cersei also used the wildfire to defeat the Sept of Balor and destroy her enemies at the Faith Militant. But the wildfire is far from the reaches of Daenerys and her allies since Cersei turned down her allegiance at the last moment, so it would be difficult for her to reach. But we believe that Cersei will use the wildfire that is left to defeat Daenerys and her allies when she defends the seven kingdoms against the White Walkers.

The mining of Dragonstone in the previous season which could be used to create Valyrian steel blades was used in previous seasons by Sam and Jon Snow to kill the White Walkers. But we believe Jon should have acquired more of Dragonglass to arm the Winterfell warriors so that they can readily prepared for the war.

However, the experience of Jon Snow also counts after he fought with them in season 5 finale. There will also be tactical assistance in battle from Tyrion Lannister as per is the previous success in battles for King,s Landing against the Baratheon soldiers. These are benefits that could enable Winterfell to win the war against the Night King’s army. Besides, Arya Stark assassin skills and Bran Stark magical connection to the Night King as the Three-Eyed Raven. These could increase their chances against the White Walkers.

Finally, the change of Viserion by the Night King into an Ice dragon has revealed that Daenerys should not place too much reliance on her remaining Dragons, Rheagal and Drogon so as not be coveted with the Night King’s magic has shown in the previous season. Even though the White Walkers are vulnerable to fire, overreliance on them could lead to Daenerys loosing her two dragons, so they should be used sparingly in battle.


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