Black Panther to Be Broadcasted in 270-Degree ScreenX Format

Black Panther will be the first movie released by Marvel Studios in 270-Degree ScreenX Format. It has been already praised to be one of the best comic adaptation in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Viewers all over the globe will now be able to experience Black Panther in a wide-ranging format that surpasses both standard and IMAX widths. In order to improve the viewing experiences for future releases, Disney Studios joined with CJ 4DPLEX in order to convert Black Panther into ScreenX. ScreenX movies don’t just invent a wider format but also a format that intrigues the viewers.Another innovation is that the audiences will also have the choice of watching the movie in the 4DX format as well. It has big box-office anticipations, so it is no surprise Disney went all the way to turn Black Panther into a cinematic event.

With the studio’s decision to increase the Black Panther, Walt Disney Studios President of Theatrical Distribution Dave Hillis said that “the immersive world of Wakanda is perfect for the panoramic ScreenX format.”  These new formats will be very interesting to conquer any negative aspects.This kind of innovative technology may be what attracts viewers into multiplexes after all.


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