The Exciting Story of the Hemsworth Brothers: How they Came to Dominate Hollywood

The Hemsworth Brothers are exceptional in the entertainment industry. For beginners, it would be surprising that both Liam and Chris would be different-looking and enticing at the same time —and even the oldest sibling Luke, who hasn’t chased after the fame quite as passionate as the others, is also very attractive. Then there is the fact that they’re even actors at all.

They were elevated down beneath (that’s Australia for anyone really not keeping up), back and forth between the trendy and cosmopolitan Melbourne and also the terribly nature heavy Outback territory, and finally departing to Phillip Island, that they’ve all speak for in interviews as, primarily, farmland dotted with not far more than cows.

Their dad was a counselor and their mom was a teacher.The subject matter of their mom was based on sexual education and she had Liam as a student which definitely prepared for the rigors and embarrassment of show business.The early part of their childhood involves surfing, working on a cattle ranch, and putting shrimp on a barbie.The acting zeal started to set in, in the early 2000s.

Luke who was the oldest, was the first to earn a spot on the Australian soap opera “Neighbours”. He featured on the series for several seasons before been tired of that career path and turning to the flooring business. Chris started his own acting career in 2004 where he auditioned for “Home and Away” a different Aussie soap.He was cast as the character Kim Hyde in the movie and spent a whopping 171 episodes in that role.His character became popular in his home country and even gave him a chance to compete on “Dancing With the Stars Australia”.  In 2009, starred in the opening scenes of the Star Trek film and the rest, as they say, is history.

The way that was forged by Luke and Chris allowed Liam to find his way into the spotlight.He acted in school drama in high school but spent a short period of time working for Luke’s flooring business before deciding to enter into the full acting character. His first role was a guest spot in “Home and Away”, the soap that made Chris famous. He also starred in the Neighbours, where Luke once featured. To say that Australia had an affection for the Hemsworth brothers would be an understatement.

Liam decided to follow Chris into Hollywood in March of 2010, and he immediately started going out on auditions. Both Liam and Chris were up for the role of Thor in 2010 before it finally went to Chris.These would have led to jealousy among the two brothers, but fate would have is way with Liam who starred in the movie ” The Last Song” where he met Miley Cyrus. Recently, all three Hemsworth brothers are established in Hollywood scene. Chris was featured in the 12 strong movie which was released recently and which also featured his wife Elsa Pataky.Liam has less mysterious projects on his agenda,including a part opposite the enchanting Priyanka Chopra. Luke is also back in the acting ring, making appearances in Westworld and also featuring in a cameo appearance in Thor: Ragnarok

Their personal lives is very intriguing: Chris is enjoying living nearly full-time with his three kids in Australia, Luke is busy with four kids and Liam’s plan is strained with keeping the press assuming about whether or not he will finally marry Miley Cyrus.Even though each Hemsworth brothers is interesting and fascinating on their own, the three brothers are greater than the sum of their parts.


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